How to Speed Up Windows 7 & 10

To begin type "SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe" and hit Enter to open the System Properties


Performance control console. On the "Visual Effects" tab, uncheck the box next to "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing."
 That will save a lot of CPU cycles when switching from one window to another.
 Also, experiment with disabling the other visual effects to see which ones you can live without.
To turn off the snazzy Aero interface completely, right-click the Desktop and select Personalize from the popup.
Then scroll down and select the Basic theme.

Unnecessary Windows 7 Services for home and small business users

There are a number of services you can turn off safely if you do not use them. Here's how:

Click Start and in the search box type "services.msc" and then hit Enter.
 (Note: you should not use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility ("msconfig.exe") for this process; it only enables/disables the starting of a service at logon.
Services.msc gives you more control over how a service behaves.)
 Going down the lengthy list of services, here are many that the average home or small business user does not need:

    Application Experience

    Error Reporting Service

    Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (only needed with Aero)

    Diagnostic Policy Service

    IP Helper

    Offline Files

    Portable Device Enumerator Service

    Distributed Link Tracking Client

    Protected Storage

    Secondary Logon

    Server (If your computer does not connect with any network)

    Tablet PC Input Service


    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

    Windows Media Center Service Launcher

    Windows Search

    Remote Registry

    Windows Time

    Windows firewall (most high-speed routers have a firewall built in)

Disable a service by un-checking the box to its left.
 If you want more details about what any of these services are for, check out the 
BlackViper Windows 7 Service Configurations page.
When in doubt, leave a service on. Reboot after clicking OK to save your changes.
If Windows tells you it needs a service in order to complete a task, just run the services.msc program and enable