Cortana Tips and Tricks
Cortana Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 users
First we assume that you have setup Cortana. So now, let’s begin, and be sure to tell us about your favorite Cortana features, and also how you’ve been enjoying her lately, in the comments section.
1] Change Cortana’s language
If you wish, you can change the language which Cortana speaks. To be able to change Cortana’s language on Windows 10, you will have to first install the language on Windows 10.
2] Reminders
Cortana is capable of reminding folks of important events if you tell her to. Users can even command the voice assistant to wake them up and anytime. Just say, “Hey Cortana, Wake Me Up At ‘Add Time Here.’” It’s pretty useful, especially when used from a Windows smartphone.
3] News and Weather
Say what you will, but keeping up with the news and the weather is vital. With Cortana, it is possible to add your favorite news topic, and the voice assistant will showcase new stories based on those keywords. Depending on the settings used, Cortana can also alert users whenever recent reports are available. You can also make Cortana display Weather information for multiple locations. Users can even view weather updates from their defined location
4] Currency Conversion
For the folks who are paid in a different currency from their own, having a currency converter on hand is imperative. Being able to use Cortana for these tasks made our lives that much easier. We’re sure others feel the same way we do about this awesome feature
5] Define and Translate Words
Hey, not 100 percent sure what is the meaning of the word, “Emoji”? That’s fine, Cortana can look it up for you. Furthermore, are you interested in knowing what “?? ????? Microsoft ?????, ???????, ?????? ? ???? ?????” means in English? How about using Cortana to find out, she’ll pop this madness right open for you
6] Eat and Drink All The Time
You love to eat, right? Right? Of course, you do. See, we have something in common, because we also like to eat food and drink cocktails. With that out of the way, how about allowing Cortana to recommend some great places close your location where all the great tasting foods are cooked? This assistant is smart enough to keep tabs on these things.
7] Keeping up with Shipped Packages
Have you ever shipped a package to your home from a faraway country, but can’t be bothered sometimes to visit the shipping company’s website, or where the item was bought? Well, would you look at that, we have another thing in common.
Cortana makes things easier by allowing folks to add shipping numbers. To keep up with what is going on, just simply tap Cortana on the shoulder and the assistant will reveal what needs to be known
8] Write Email
Cortana is able to perform yet another powerful function of composing and sending a new mail. See how to use Voice Commands to write Email using Cortana on Windows 10
9] Use Cortana in Edge browser
Did you know that you can use Cortana in Edge browser? Yes you can. Cortana, powered by Bing, is built directly into Windows 10. This means that things users can do with the voice assistant on Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones is possible in the Edge web browser.
10] Make Cortana shut down your PC
You can use Cortana to Restart, Log Off or Shutdown your Windows 10 computer using voice commands.
11] Launch Cortana with 3 finger Tap
You can also enable 3-finger Tap to launch Cortana on Windows 10. Check how you can launch Cortana with 3 finger Tap.
12] Make Cortana search with Google
Don’t prefer Bing? Go ahead and make Cortana search with Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.