Terrarium TV or Mobdro

 Install the Terrarium TV APK on your device to avoid the usage of
KODI add-ons.
For sports or Live TV channels, you can try
Mobdro Live TV App


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Mobdro   https://www.mobdro.to

Downloader search or go here Google Store
MX Player 1.9.3 (NEON)   https://mxplayerdownload.co  
Terrarium TV    http://terrariumtv.co  or  https://terrariumtvs.com/ 
OR  https://terrariumtvz.co/terrarium-tv-apk-download/
Direct Link   HERE

Install terrarium TV & Mobdro on Firestick
Thanks to the  Downloading Pirate

Install Mobdro with ES Explorer or  Install  Downloader on Amazon Firestick
 (Mobdro = TV channels &  ** NFL & Sports **)


Mobdro   https://www.mobdro.to     **  Mobdro apk file download **

Install Terrarium TV on the firestick (Terrarium = movies and TV shows)

 Install | Ad Free Terrarium TV 1.9.10 | On Firestick 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N36MAm3b9tk  (Filelinked Code: 67724750)

How to use Terrarium TV Tips (7 minute Video)

        Install  Downloader
 MX Player 1.9.3 (NEON)   https://mxplayerdownload.co    ** MX Player apk file download **
         Terrarium TV    http://terrariumtv.co    or https://terrariumtvs.com/ 
         OR  ** from my site Terrarium TV apk file download **   apk Zip file

**No adds**
Terrarium TV  APK time  https://tiny.cc/apkpack  or from my site  apk file download



Website: Toptutorials.co.uk-firestick 

You can find more information on my website Toptutorials.co.uk-android

TIPS (Thanks to the  Downloading Pirate )

How to use Terrarium TV Tips (7 minute Video)

To help the performance of Mobdro
From the homepage of the Firestick go to
Manage Installed Applications,
select Mobdro then
Clear cache.

This removes some of the data that builds up over time slowing you down.

A quick trick if you select a channel/stream and it skips.
Back out to close it then reopen it.
I know, it sounds simple but I've been using this myself to make it play smoothly.