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Samsung Galaxy S5 battery saving tips and tricks Simple MP3 Downloader for Android
Scan Documents to PDF with Your Android Phone’s Camera Touch File Manager
Control Android Device from PC Using AirDroid Info  download AirDroid

.Face Recognition-FastAccess

OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box: Which cloud storage is service for you
How to Backup Moto G Contacts to PC Or
Backup Moto G Contacts to PC
What CDMA vs. GSM
  1. List of GSM and CDMA Networks and Carriers in the US
  2. List of GSM and CDMA Networks and Carriers in the US
The "G" in wireless networks refers to the "generation" of the underlying wireless network technology

1x which has a potential throughput of 153kbps

3G networks are newer cellular networks that have data rates of 384kbps The UN's International Telecommunications Union IMT-2000 standard requires stationary speeds of 2Mbps and mobile speeds of 384kbps for a "true" 3G.

4G service. This new technology will allow much higher throughput (estimated 12Mbps) 1Gbps when stationary and 100Mbps when mobile

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Moto G drain to zero, and now it won't charge youtube

Try this
• 1.Plug it into the charger
• 2.Hold the VOL DOWN key
• 3.While still holding the VOL DOWN key, press and hold the POWER key
• 4.Hold both keys down for over 120 seconds (or 30sec).
• 5.After holding the keys down for more than two minutes, release them.
• 6.The Flash Boot screen will display, and the Normal Reboot option will be highlighted
• 7.Press the VOL UP key and the device will start a normal reboot.

If you have tried the above and it didn't work, try this:
• Plug in the phone for 15 minutes.
• Proceed to Step 2 above.
How to fix a DEAD Moto G if ALL ELSE FAILS!

  Find your TV station below
How To Connect Your VCR TV Fool      TV Signal Analysis Results
You can find detailed info of any given TV station   https://www.fcc.gov/media/television/tv-query

 To find stations in your area: http://www.antennaweb.org/
Television Frequency Table: http://www.csgnetwork.com/tvfreqtable.html
WFMY chan 2 Greensboro NC
Transmit Channel: 51  692 - 698 MHz Licensed

WXII chan 12 Winston NC 
Transmit Channel: 31    572 - 578 MHz Licensed
WXII  Virtual Channel:  12 (viewer sees this channel number)

Channel: 12 (RF 31)
Receive Power: -71 dBm
Compass Direction to Tower: ENE (74

Calculate  antenna elements length for channel 12 (WXII)
= 300 χ frequency (572)

 .5244 = 300 χ 572
.5244 x 39.3701 = 20.64 wave length  inches

** 20.64 (so round to 20.5 inches)**  (each of 8 elements total length)
Divide by 2 only if you're calculating for VHF
****  Channel 12 changing soon to frequency 485 MHz
(300 χ 485 = .6185) x 39.3701  =  24.35 wave length inches

***   24.35 (so round to 24.5 inches)   ****
(each of 8 elements total length)


LED HDTV's  "Brucer Picks"  
Three most important 

1. Ignore (most of) the specifications

·         Contrast ratio is usually bunk (when it's listed at all).

·         Refresh rate (60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, etc.) is complex and ultimately subjective (when it's not inflated on a 4K TV).

·         Seemingly numbers like "Clear Motion Rate," "TruMotion," MotionFlow," SPS" and the rest are fake.

·         Viewing angles for LCD and LED-backlit LCD TVs are made-up, and LED does not mean a better picture, whether or not it it's augmented by Quantum Dots or Triluminos.

·         And while we're at it, all HDMI cables are the same.

2. Bigger really is better

3. 4K and HDR are worth considering

·         A 1080p resolution TV with excellent contrast and color beats a 4K resolution TV with average contrast and color every time.

·         HDR, or high dynamic range, to be the next big thing in TVs.
TV HDR: Expanding the TV's contrast ratio and color palette to offer a more realistic  image than what's possible with today's HDTVs.

bullet Smart TV or media streamer?
bullet Sling TV
bullet What is the Best Video Streaming Box Available?


Relatively new to the US, TCL is a large brand globally, ranking it among the largest TV brands in the world.
TCL, which originally entered the U.S. market using the RCA brand

Roku site http://www.tclusa.com/currentmodels/    The TVs aren't compatible with HDR 

Sceptre U550CV-U 55" 4K Ultra HD 2160p 60Hz LED HDTV (4K x 2K)


·         55” 4K UHD LED TV

·         High Resolution 3840 x 2160

·         HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2

·         MEMC 120

·         MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)

·         CEC & ARC


   Last updated: 07/01/2017

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