How do I self install a new cable modem?

In order to install your own Charter Internet service with modem, simply follow the instructions below.

Ensure you have all of the needed equipment:

bulletCable Modem
bulletCoaxial Cable
bulletEthernet or USB Cord
bulletPower Cord

Connect your Modem:

bulletScrew the Coaxial Cable into the outlet, be it a splitter or wall jack * Charter reccomends connecting your modem directly to a wall outlet and not using a splitter. If you must use a splitter please make sure it is rated at 3.5 dBmv.
bulletScrew the other end of the Coaxial Cable into the back of the Modem
bulletConnect the Ethernet or USB Cord into the back of the Modem (Use only one, Ethernet is preferred)
bulletConnect the opposite end of the Ethernet or USB Cord into the Computer
bulletPlug the Power Cord into the Modem and the other end into the nearest Electrical Outlet
bulletOpen your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
bulletIt should automatically open a Charter page to "Identify Your Account," if not surf to
bulletMake sure Installing New Service is selected
bulletEnter your Telephone or Account Number and Zip Code
bulletFollow the easy steps for Internet Self-Installation
bulletTest your connection by surfing to

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Doc 3 good for 30 MG Doc 2 not over 16 MB

Change out modem call Charter 877 739 0427 (have mac #'s)