Find the Temp Folder in Vista and Windows 7





Vista and Windows 7 don't use the same location for temporary files as XP does. Here's an easy way to get the full path of the Temp folder.
Click the Start orb, enter CMD, and press Enter.
In the resulting Command Prompt enter the command ECHO %TEMP%.
This displays the full path of the actual Temp folder. It will normally take the form C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Temp  where username is your user account name. If the name is long or includes spaces the username maybe expressed in old 8.3 form, e.g. "NEILJ~1.RUB" for "Neil J. Rubenking".

One way to view that folder is to use the CD (or CHDIR) command right in that Command Prompt, enclosing the full pathname in quotes if it contains any spaces. For example, CD "C:\Users\Neil J. Rubenking\AppData\Local\Temp".

AppData folder is marked as hidden. So you can't see that folder, you'll need to do this.
Press F10 for a menu in Windows Explorer and choose Tools | Folder Options.
Click the View tab. Choose the option "Show hidden files and folders" ("Show hidden files, folders and drives" in Windows 7) and click OK. Now you can navigate all the way to the Temp folder




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