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Check out articles by Atif Qazi:


·         What are PCIE Lanes

·         What are Motherboard Power Phases

·         NVME vs SATA vs mSATA SSD
Macrium Reflect – Powerful Windows Backup Software Download
Macrium Reflect – Info
testing your backups is critical
    Crucial Memory Upgrades
    Power Supply Calculator

    Improve PC Startup Time

    10 reasons computer is slow
    Change Desktop icon settings
    Speed up Win 7

     Upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD)

    How to enable God Mode in Windows
    Clean browser add-on & back-ground images
    List of BIOS access keyboard commands
    Power cycle (reboot) router
Create Ultimate USB's to Solve Any PC Problem
Reset Cisco Linksys E1200 Router
Check past searches & the content browsed in Chrome & other apps
Repair Windows Bootloader (If Computer Won’t Start)
 Scan & Fix Corrupt System Files in Windows   sfc /scannow
To Fix Flashing Screen
Disable AutoPlay Using the Group Policy Editor
How to Reset Your Browser
Create and format a partition on HD 
Find the Temp Folder in Vista and Windows 7
AVG Free Edition from filehippo

Ultimate Boot CD is completely free for the download

Remove “AVG Secure Search
from computer & browser
If this complexed link doesn't work

do this simple procedure (Click here)



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