Your browser has too many add-ons

Not all browser extensions are created for good. ďPeople often assume a slow computer is because of a virus, but a lot of time itíll be a browser add-on or plug-in bundled with a free software download
Fix it
Disable or remove browser extensions and toolbars you donít really need:
Firefox: Hit the menu button on the far right, select Add-ons / Extensions, then select disable or remove for each item on the list.
Chrome: Right-click on any extension button / Manage Extensions, then uncheck the box to disable a particular item, or click the trash can to wave it goodbye.
Safari: Hit Safari (top left) / Preferences / Security / Extensions, then select an item to uninstall. You can also turn off all Extensions here.
Internet Explorer: Tools / Manage add-ons / Show All add-ons, then select the offender(s), and click disable or remove.