All have about same specs as my Samsung Model S24C570 Monitor Screen Size 23.6"
Samsung True LS24D300HL/ZA 23.6" LED Monitor $139.99

Sceptre E225W-1920  Screen Size 22"
$84.99 $0.99 Shipping  (No Tax)

Sceptre E225W-1920 Monitor  Walmart #: 553331010    Screen Size 22"
$99.99 free shipping ($6.43 Tax ??)

Sceptre E248W-1920  Monitor  Walmart #: 553331003     Screen Size 24"
$109.99 free shipping

Specifications Brand     SCEPTRE Model          E225W-1920



Screen Size       22"
LED Backlight   Yes
Widescreen       Yes
Recommended Resolution         1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle   170 (H) / 160 (V)
Display Colors  16.7 Million
Brightness    250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio    DCR 5,000,000:1 (1000:1)
Response Time    5ms

Input Video Compatibility   Analog RGB, Digital
Connectors   D-Sub, DVI, HDMI
Power Standby Mode   < 0.5W (Standby)


Built-in Speakers    2 x 2W 8Ohm

TN, VA and IPS panel 's
There are three main categories of panel used on modern LCD monitors; TN, VA and IPS-type.
TN is currently the most prevalent, offering decent image performance and high responsiveness at a decent price.
VA sacrifices responsiveness, generally being the slowest current panel type but offer excellent contrast and improvements in color performance over TN technologies.
IPS and PLS are the kings of color offering the most consistent and accurate performance in this area whilst sporting excellent viewing angles, respectable responsiveness and reasonable contrast.

Really it is up to the individual user to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the monitors they are comparing; understanding the general performance characteristics of different panels is a great starting point.

All monitors over 19" are HD (1920 x 1080 Resolution)
The contrast ratio isn't a standardized measure
Response time (a.k.a. performance): this feature measures the time the panel delays between switching a pixel from off (black) to on (white). This time is measured in milliseconds and the lower, the better
find a video monitors on the 5 ms range and below, and you should buy a monitor with at least 5 ms response time.
If you are into gaming, a 2 ms monitor is recommended.
Brightness: This spec indicates how well you will be able to see images on your screen on a bright environment. This spec is measured in a unit called candela per square meter (cd/m2) and the higher, the better.
For a typical office use, a video monitor with a 300 cd/m2 or 400 cd/m2 brightness is more than enough
I'm not a big fan of built in speakers (you don't have to use them unless you want)