To find out how much your lighting costs is, use Bruce's Calculator below
** Note electricity rate @ .12 ₵ per KWH
** This Calculator will work for lights or any appliance in your house 
(ignore the CFL & LED cost comparison for appliance calculating)

1) Enter Hours of use per day (average is 6hr)
Enter Watts per Light (Watts = Volts x Amps)
Enter Number of Days used
Enter Number of bulbs (Default is one)

5050 SMD Strip Lt Info
A 60 watt light bulbs on for 6 hours used for 30 days. Your electricity rate is 12 cents per KWH.
The charge for this consumption of electricity
is $1.30
Incandescent $ 1.30 Amount saved calculating Incandescent cost
CFL $  .28 $ 1.02
LED $  .20 $ 1.10


 Residential Electricity Rate in Wilkesboro NC
The average residential electricity rate in Wilkesboro is 11.41¢/kWh.
The average electricity rate in Wilkesboro is 3.96% less than the
national average rate of 11.88¢/kWh.
Residential rates in the U.S. range from 8.37¢/kWh to 37.34¢/kWh

Hours of use per day


  Cost $

Watts per Light or appliance


Number of Days  


Number of Lamps or appliance


 Ignore the CFL & LED cost comparison BELOW for appliance calculating

** CFL cost comparison

 Amount Saved

** LED cost comparison

 Amount Saved
 ** cost comparison can only be used if Incandescent bulbs are Calculated ***
*** Note LED's used 10 hours a day are rated for 14 years life

Appliance Average


Hours per


(Watts = Volts x Amps)

Electric furnace 4,500 4 4,500 watts per 600 square foot of home
Wall heater 1500 6 Wall heater recessed in wall
Baseboard Heater 6 ft 1500 6 500-Watts per 2 ft
Central AC 3,500 3 Running 3 hours a day is the same as running 9 hours a day for 4 of the warmer months
Window unit AC 1500 6  
Single stove top burner 1500 2  
Oven 2400 1  
Water heater 4000 6  
Clothes dryer 3000 0.25  
Desktop computer/monitor 140 3 (cost per month $ 1.51) *** Wattage used when OFF 2
Wi-Fi router & Modem 12 24 (cost per month $ 1.06)
Freezer 240 24  
Microwave oven 1200 0.5  
Clothes washer 500 0.25  
Dishwasher 1800 1  
Refrigerator 170 12 Average refrigerator costs $88 a year 
Hair dryer 1500 0.2  
CRT 25" TV 240 6  
TV 48 inch LED 60-140 6  + or - *** Wattage used when OFF 1
Ceiling fan 75 6  
Standalone freezer 200 24  
Cell phone charger 5 2  *** Wattage used when OFF 1
Fluorescent fixture 80 6 2 lamp 4 ft fluorescent fixture
 Can an LED be used in an enclosed fixture?
my info source for article  by salanthousewatch@gmail.com
Yes, but only some brands and/or types
The issue is the amount of heat that can build up in the enclosed fixture.
LED bulbs are very sensitive to heat Enclosed fixtures will shorten the life of an LED
Testing of LED lamps occurs with  100° open fixture, but a closed fixture will well exceed 140°
The main factors that shorten life of LED are cheap or plastic capacitors & a poorly design 
of heat sinks that draw the heat away from light 
Consider where you'd like to place your LED bulbs.
If you have fully or semi-enclosed fixtures, look for LEDs that are approved for recessed or enclosed spaces.
 Another thing I found was that turning LED's on and off does not effect the life of bulb

Some A19 LED packaging says “Full Light Distribution,” “360 Light  All-Around” 
Is this important?
Yes. It means that the light-emitted bulb is “omnidirectional” — it goes in all directions
and the bulb can be used for both general lighting and task lighting.
The old incandescent were all omnidirectional.
Most of the A19 LED's have this feature, so you have to check the packaging.
When an A19 LED is not omnidirectional, the light only goes up,
illuminating a smaller area.
This type of LED, which generally costs less, works well for creating
“atmosphere” but it’s unsatisfactory for reading and other close work.

5050 SMD Strip Lt - 5M  16.4ft


Voltage: DC 12V

Current: 5A

Lumens: 2,000 lm

60 leds/m 5m = 300

View angle: 120 ° ~ 140 °

Working Temp: 0° to 122°F
5050 SMD Strip Lt Info


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